Monday, October 13, 2008

The negative effect of rock music on youth

Music has an uncanny power to transform the life of people all over the world irrespective of their race, culture or gender. Music unarguably enjoys the position of the most influential universal language. Music forms a separate culture group spread across the world in its variety of forms. The different genres of music constitute these various forms of music. Like any thing in the world, music can also be disastrous if it falls in the hands of the wrong section of the society.

Rock music is a genre of music that uses guitar, drum and bass, which contribute to its noisy music. It was originated in the western world, but took little time to gain fans all over the world. Within a short span of time, youth across the world were madly in love with rock music. In the modern age rock music has turned out into a prominent factor that decides the style of dress, language and fashion of the younger generation. Many studies have proved that rock music negatively affect the mental framework of its listeners quite unconsciously.

The most negative part of rock music is its heavy metallic sound, which unconsciously makes its listeners violent. Rock music can cause a phenomenon called nerve jamming which is similar to hypnosis. It has been pointed out that the younger people who is under the mesmerizing influence of rock music lose conscious control of their mind and succumb themselves to the pessimistic messages conveyed by most music bands. Thus, rock music is spiritually, mentally and physically harmful to the people, especially the youth.

An often-cited example in this case is that of a sixteen-year-old boy in Texas, U.S.A who was taken into a trance like state while listening to rock song that he became violent and unconsciously murdered his aunt. Thus, music even has the weird power to transform the common person into murderers and social nuisances. Unlike rock music, Classical music has a soothing effect on the mind.

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