Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nanay Dionisia steals the thunder at Pacquiao birthday party!

It was supposed to be exclusively “the” Manny Pacquiao birthday party, an event heralded all over the land, but the champion’s mother Nanay Dionisia would not let it pass by going unnoticed. And so she did what could have been unthinkable a few years back before her son became famous.

She showed off her newly-acquired skills in ballroom dancing by yes, performing the “swing” with her instructor in a much-applauded surprise number before the presence of about 2,000 well-heeled guests, including the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Nanay Dionisia, the newly crowned Dancing Queen of GenSan

Oh my God! What would Tess Oreta say?

Hmmm… what if I dance up there myself? To Cha-cha or not to cha-cha?

Nanay Dionisia’s terpsichorean skills were not the only surprise for the celebrant and his well-wishers during the Pacquiao birthday party, which has been heralded weeks in advanced by the media, with its magnitude growing by the day in its grandiosity.

There was the presence of Manny’s Kapuso family, stars from television station GMA led by Richard Gutierrez, with his parents Eddie and Annabelle Rama in tow. Then the performance of Journey “frontman” Arnel Pineda who did his own version of “Open Arms” plus two more songs.

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