Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friendly Reminder: How to avoid your Laptop being stolen?

There can be nothing worse than a laptop that has been stolen. The feelings of being a victim of a terrible crime on an item you use on a daily, if not more, basis. That's why you need to avoid the extra possibility of having your laptop stolen. Thieves are usually just waiting for the right place and right time to pick off your laptop. Here's how to keep your computer laptop safe.


Step 1

If you leave your laptop for a minute at the coffee shop, lock it to the table. Those nifty laptop locks will hold your computer in place while you turn your back for a second cup of coffee. If a thief tries taking your laptop, then they have to take the whole table too, which is impossible!

Step 2

Keep your laptop in a non descriptive bag when you travel. Nothing freaks me out more than taking my laptop around Los Angeles in the Dell bag I got as a free gift when I bought my computer. Labeled with Dell all over it, the only label it doesn't have is please steal me! Make sure your laptop bags doesn't have indications that it is a laptop inside.

Step 3

Your laptop needs to be noticed if it does get in the mix of the wrong company. As I always tell people, use stickers or have some sort of identity on the outside of the computer so if someone tries taking it they know they are risking being caught by others as well as the time it will take to remove all the personalization. It is a huge discouraging factor.

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